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No Time 2 Cook Chicken Pie PackagingWe just had your Chicken Pie last night for dinner.  It was oh, so good!  Tastes just like my homemade chicken pie.  We also bought the Chicken and Dressing at Kroger and can’t wait to try it.  Thank you for making these available.  All we did was bake, and threw together a salad in bag kit. Great dinner in little time!  We will definitely be purchasing more in the future. 

I had the chicken pot pie for lunch today and WOW!! This is by far the best frozen dinner I have ever tried. No Time 2 Cook is the bomb!! I will be a huge fan here in Little Rock.

The Chicken Pie is the best!!  Delicious!

Karen, I spoke with you last week about getting some casseroles for my son who will be attending Ole Miss. You were such a pleasure to speak with. I purchased 6 of your casseroles over the weekend. My son tried the Chicken and Dumplings tonight and I will be a repeat customer!! He said they were very good!!!😀😀thanks for a homemade meal while he is away from home!!

My wife and I had NOTIME2COOK Chicken and Dumplings for dinner last night?  Put it in the oven at 5:00 pm.  We walked 4 miles (60 minutes) in our neighborhood came back and had salad and fruit to go with it.  It was wonderful!  Ok we had a chocolate brownie also.  “Faith. Family. Fellowship. Food.”  J.R. Love

I had your chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. Delicious! Reminded me of my mother’s.

No Time 2 Cook Chicken Dumplings Packaging

The chicken and dumplings are most delicious. My kids enjoyed each dish immensely. Thanks for sharing the deliciousness.   

Your Chicken and Dumplings are THE BEST!!!

My grandmother and I absolutely love you’re No Time 2 Cook meals.  It’s something easy and delicious my grandma can make without us having to worry about her burning down the house. LOL!

I was in Kroger the other day (Memphis, TN) & was asked to try your chicken & dressing. I did although I despise frozen food. It was delish and wondered if it was because I was hungry. I ended up buying the chicken & dressing & served it to my husband tonight putting some veggies w/it. I must admit it was very good & I would buy it again. In fact I was so impressed I stood there in Kroger telling people to try it. I have told several friends about your dish. You have a few more I might try. Just want you to know it was good & very impressed that something frozen actually tasted home-made.

Chicken and Dressing is my favorite. I started getting it to cook and take for lunches the following week. It’s turned into supper for my husband and I and 1 day of lunch.

Good day, I found the Crab and Mushroom Penne .  So delicious!  I wasn’t expecting the little kick of heat.  Loved it! Can’t wait to try the Chicken and Dumplings! Thanks for making such tasty comfort food products.

Your meals have been a blessing at my house..lost a family member last Fall, and now I’m recovering from surgery..having a meal that’s easy to fix, while tasting like homemade has meant so much to us…thank you for offering such wonderful products! 

Tamale Layered Dip made with our Tamale Pie

I have tried all of your products! I love them and how they taste like I slaved all day over a hot stove. I also made the Tamale Pie Layered Dip.  It was very tasty.  My family ate it so fast that I only got a couple of bites!!   I went to Kroger today and bought some more to make.   I am so excited for a family-owned business to grow while doing what they love to do! Furthermore, I love that the owner is a WOMAN!!! Good luck to you Karen! Keep doing what you love! 

Living alone, I’ve tried every “cardboard” meal there is and these are by far the best tasting.  They remind me of many moons ago as a much younger person when “fast food” wasn’t what most people lived on.  For me, adding one steamable vegetable package (cost $1) works well.  I am REALLY anxious for the Tamale Pie and several others that are on the web site.  I would like to say again that the TASTE is what is outstanding.

The Poppy Seed Chicken and Chicken Tetrazzini are my absolute favorite No Time 2 Cook entrees.  I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.  Please keep me posted.

I’ve bought your casseroles for years from MakB’s in Starkville in our shopping center College Park!  Also buy occasionally from our local Kroger!  They make great gifts for friends who’ve had babies or surgery!  We love to keep on hand for the nights we don’t have time to cook!  Thanks girls! Xoxo

There is a great need for “No Time 2 Cook” Meals.  I like to send them out of town to friends or relatives, who have been sick and need a good meal.  This seems better than sending flowers.  The service to your door is wonderful!

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