Jeff and I are considered empty nesters, but not so much anymore. With Shelter at Home, our 2 unmarried children are BACK!! Both online–one working and the other taking PT classes. So what does that mean for me? Time to dust off the apron and get those meals back on the table.

Bet there are many of you in the same boat–whether your kids have flown back to the coop, you’re sheltering 24/7 with a husband, toddlers, and school-agers, or you haven’t cooked in years and your favorite restaurant(s) are closed.

To add a little levity and help during a stressful time, I thought it would be fun to share what’s cookin’ from the Kurr family kitchen. I’ve also asked my Facebook followers to share as well by commenting on my Share A Meal posts. No guilt–no judgement–just a transparent look at what we’re all doing at home to beat the mealtime blues.

Trust me, this doesn’t have to be fancy or earth shattering. Sometimes the meal might be healthy and sometimes–not so much. It might be Pizza or take out from a restaurant in town. One day, it might be a super dressed sandwich on Dave’s Good Seed bread and the next day peanut butter and jelly on Bunny bread. Sometime’s there will be a great new recipe and directions but maybe not. There might be a beautiful pic of the finished meal on a plate and sometimes just the ingredients that went into a recipe. It might be a meal someone brought to you or you took someone else. It might be a No Time 2 Cook entree you picked up at your favorite store or maybe it’s another meal from frozen foods. NO RULES! We’ve got enough on our plate (no pun intended). If you would like to contribute, just go to our Facebook page and comment on the last Share a Meal post. We would love to hear from each and everyone of you and so would our followers.

I’m going to start the sharing today with the Breakfast Beignets I did for my kids this morning. OK! Ok! I know it sounds fancy but it is so NOT! It’s just what I had on hand. A can of Pillsbury biscuits, powdered sugar and a new bottle of vegetable oil. That’s it. At the last minute I cooked up some sausage for a little protein to offset all that sugar. Jeff wouldn’t eat them and opted for a bowl of cereal instead. He said he wasn’t interested in eating fried bread. Really! OK, then that’s just more for the rest of us. See, I told you the recipe might not be healthy.

Beignet Ingredients
Beignets ala Cafe du Kurr