Skip Browning the Beef







I just hate browning ground beef.  The splatter, the greasy skillet, dealing with the fat!  But, there are some soups, stews, and chilis that don’t require browning like the ground beef in my Mama’s Beef and Vegetable Soup.  Here’s the method I use that my Mama taught me.

  • Form the ground beef into 1 1/2# balls.
  • Drop the balls of raw ground beef into the simmering pot of soup/stew/chili
  • Simmer 30-45 minutes minutes
  • Scoop balls out of soup and place in a shallow pan
  • Cut up the cooked ground meat with a knife and fork.  It will crumble perfectly.
  • Return the cook crumbled meat back to soup and add any additional ingredients the soup calls for.
  • As your soup simmers, the fat from the meat will rise to the surface.  This can be skimmed off with a ladle.  For additional tips for getting virtually all the fat off the soup, click here.

Try this method in your soup recipes.  You’ll learn which ones are just as good without browning the meat.  You will find that some require browning and some do not.  For instance, I just have to grit my teeth and brown when I’m making my mama’s spaghetti sauce while her Beef and Vegetable Soup, I prefer with unbrowned beef.

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