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Preparing No Time 2 Cook Dishes

Browning ground beef in the oven

This no mess method is a great time saver, and you’ll always have browned ground beef in the freezer for […]

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Removing fat from Soup

Reduce calories and eat healthier When cooking soup, stews, and chili, excess fat will rise to the surface. The following […]

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Skip Browning the Beef

            I just hate browning ground beef.  The splatter, the greasy skillet, dealing with the […]

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NT2C for 1 or 2

Prepare 1-2 servings of a No Time 2 Cook entree for singles, Empty Nesters, and Home Bound individuals Learning how […]

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Chicken Pie for a Crowd

This time of year, I am often asked for larger casseroles that will feed a crowd.   Now, “You have […]

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