Veggie Pizza Beach Breakfast

If you like fried eggs or poached eggs over toast, you’ll love this pizza breakfast idea created by our friend Rebecca. Any thin crust pizza should work–we just happened to have veggie. The girls heated the pizza in a skillet (the only way to heat leftover pizza–please don’t ruin good pizza in the microwave!) While the pizza was heating, Beck fried up the eggs–over medium–in a little butter–then topped the hot crispy pizza with her perfectly cooked eggs. While the eggs were cooking, Annaleigh pan broiled some smoked sausage to complete there beach breakfast overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Orange wedges and avocado slices would have been pretty on the plate and maybe a Mimosa but alas we had not made our grocery run.


Leftover thin crust veggie pizza



Salt and pepper to taste

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  1. Heat pizza in a non-stick skillet
  2. Melt butter in a second non-stick skillet
  3. Crack egg over hot butter and cook a medium high heat turning when egg is set
  4. Serve egg over hot crispy pizza
  5. Salt and pepper egg to taste

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