Turkey, Sausage, and Edamame Soup

This Turkey Soup recipe with smoked sausage and edamame is amazing and so worth the trouble

Before getting started with the turkey soup recipe, read my method for making a homemade poultry stock.

The turkey carcass used for the broth came from my favorite turkey recipe. If you don’t have a turkey or chicken carcass to make broth, never fear. You can be make this turkey soup with canned chicken broth and a roasted chicken from your grocery store.

Hint: For browning the sausage, line a large rectangle oven pan with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Scatter the slices on the pan and brown about 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Then, drain the sausage in a colander and squeeze as much fat as you can between paper towels. Your clean up will be a breeze.

For the shelled edamame in this Turkey Soup, look for frozen Mukimame in your grocer’s freezer. I buy mine from Kroger. If you’re not concerned with carbs, you can substitute the Edamame with a can of white navy beans.

I hope you enjoy all my recipes.

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