Sweet Potato Casserole

A Family Tradition

As a child, a traditional holiday meal always included my Aunt Ida Bell’s Sweet Potato Casserole. Here’s a close version of her recipe that I made and sold at our small markets in the Fall and holiday seasons. These casseroles are still requested by old customers who say our recipe is the very best!

Tweaking the Recipe

This recipe calls for less sugar than Aunt Ida Bell’s original recipe. I find that many sweet potato casserole recipes are too sweet, but this one is not. Canned sweet potatoes make this a quick and easy recipe, but fresh sweet potatoes can be used as well.

You will need to increase the amount of sugar if using fresh potatoes or unsweetened canned sweet potatoes like “Farmers Market Organic Sweet Potato Puree“. The original recipe calls for canned sweet potatoes in syrup, and I prefer Bruce’s which has a clean label with no high fructose corn syrup.


This Sweet Potato Casserole freezes well, and so it can be prepared well ahead of your Thanksgiving meal. Better yet, make several and have one to pull out for unexpected company or Christmas dinner.

“Come back to the Family Dinner Table”

Karen is passionate about bringing families back to the dinner table. Just like the recipes she shares, No Time 2 Cook frozen entrees found in Kroger and other retailers are cooked from scratch and taste like home-made.


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