Perfect Strawberry Pie

Ms. Dot's Strawberry Pie

The Perfect Strawberry Pie

Who remembers and loved Shoney’s Strawberry Pie? Well, this recipe is far better, and it’s the perfect dessert for your Mother’s Day celebration. The recipe came from a dear family friend, Ms. Dot Smith, one of the sweetest ladies and best cooks in Brookhaven, Ms. If you’re from Brookhaven, then Ms. Dot may have taught Kindergarten to you, your child, or your grandchild at the First Baptist Church.

Ms. Dot’s been gone for some time now but her recipes live on in many local cookbooks. That’s where I ran across her Strawberry Pie. When I saw her name on the recipe, I knew it would be over the top, and it certainly is!

Some personal preferences

To save time on this recipe, you can always top with Cool Whip and I’m a Cool Whip fan when it comes to saving time. However, when I’m making this Strawberry Pie, I usually take the time to make my whipped topping from scratch. If you’ve never made a homemade whipped topping, here’s a great recipe on “Add a Pinch”, one of my favorite recipe sites.

Also, when it comes to purchasing strawberries, I try my best to buy local. I also like Louisiana strawberries when available in the spring. However, strawberry season is short and most of the time, I purchase them from Kroger or my local grocer. I look for strawberries that are fully red, but check the bottom and avoid the purchase if you see mold or mushy berries. Also, there are holes around the packaging allowing me to smell for sweetness.

Tools of the trade for making Strawberry Pie

Check out this strawberry huller for destemming your strawberries, and it works great on, tomatoes, too.

Strawberry/Tomato Huller

Also, here’s a slicer that can save a lot of time when slicing strawberries, eggs, and mushrooms.

Strawberry, egg, mushroom slicer

I hope you and your family enjoy my recipe as much as we do.

No Time 2 Cook owner, Karen Kurr, is passionate about bringing families back to the dinner table. Just like the recipes she shares, No Time 2 Cook products are cooked from scratch and taste like home-made.

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