Southern Cornbread

There are all kinds of discussions out on the web about the best cornbread.  Actually, cornbread is quite personal with most Southerners, my Mama included.  She wanted absolutely no sugar in her cornbread.  I on the other hand like just a little sugar. Then you have those who want their cornbread so sweet, it tastes like a breakfast muffin.  And then there’s the consistency variable.  I want my cornbread to stay together and I like and semi dense cornbread.  Some like a cake like cornbread.  Those recipes usually call for 2 eggs.  Mine calls for 1 egg.  So here’s my favorite cornbread recipe, and since, I’m the author, it will have a little sugar.  You can always reduce, delete, or increase the sugar according to your personal preference.  Besides having a great flavor and texture, I always have the ingredients on hand, and it’s quick, easy!

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