Snicker Bar Apple Salad

Salad or Dessert?

This Snicker Bar Apple Salad is a great recipe, but I have to say it’s more like a dessert than a salad. A neighbor served it at a Fourth of July Party 20 years ago when I asked for the recipe. Really in truly, I forgot all about this dish until I ran across it in my recipe box. I made it for Bunco last week along with my Mexican Stack Ups. The meal was a hit and the evening a success with tons of laughter, lot’s of sixes, and prizes from At Home, in Jackson. So here you go–my faithful NoTime2Cook followers. Enjoy!!! To learn more about our great products go to

Ingredients for Snicker Bar Salad - Apples, Cool whip, Jello Pudding, Snicker Bars


4 large apples (Red Delicious and/or Granny Smith)

1-8oz. cool whip

1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding

1 c. milk

5 Snicker bars

Additional apples, chopped peanuts and/or caramel sauce for garnish (Optional)

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Quarter and core apples. (Do not peel. This makes a prettier salad.) Slice 3 thin strips from a green apple and a red apple. Place slices in a cup of water with 1/8 t. salt. This will be your garnish for the top. Chop the remainder of the apples for the salad.

Slice one Snicker Bar and cut each slice in half. These half slices will be used to garnish. Chop the remainder 4 Snicker Bars.

Mix pudding with milk. Add cool whip. Add chopped apples ad stir. Scatter some of the chopped snicker bars over the mix and stir. Continue this scatter and stir method until all the Snicker Bar pieces are stirred into the salad. This will keep the chopped candy pieces from sticking together. Spoon into a pretty bowl and garnish with rinsed apple slices and Snicker Bar half slices. You can also spoon into individual crystal ware. Or, for a casual affair, serve in individual plastic wine cups. Have fun garnishing with additional apple and snicker bar pieces, chopped peanuts, and/or caramel sauce.


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