Old Fashioned Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake – A Southern Classic

My Caramel Cake is one of the most popular dishes we have ever offered going back to our first farmer’s markets. This cake is super moist with a delicious flavor. It is actually a pound cake which I personally prefer when I’m making a scratch yellow cake. You can use this cake recipe with just about any icing of your choice such as coconut, chocolate, cream cheese, etc. For an especially beautiful and delicious pound cake see the recipe for my Sugar Crusted Pound Cake with Chantilly Cream.

This caramel icing is out of this world and was designed from a combination of several recipes. If you want a pretty layered cake this is not your icing. But, if you want the best caramel cake ever and you are willing to make it in a 9″ x 13″ pan, this is the one for you. It’s too soft for a layer cake and needs the sides of the pan to hold it on your cake.




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