Mexican “Stack Ups” with Meme’s Chili

My Meme’s Chili has always been a family favorite. And, I keep pints and quarts of it in my freezer ready to pull out for a quick meal.

My grandparents were Arizona homesteaders near Tombstone, Arizona. The true family stories told from Geronimo to Pancho Villa were a part of my grand

mother’s history. But, also part of her story were the foods she prepared as a young wife and mother on their isolated ranch at the base of the Chiricahua Mountains.

Meme’s chili is the recipe I remember the most. It’s so very simple but oh so good and the foundation for my Mexican Stack Ups. This is one of my “go to” meals when serving a crowd. Note: Be sure and check out my method for browning ground beef in the oven when you get ready to make the chili.

I always host my bunco group in February and this year served Mexican Stack Ups and Snicker Bar Salad. The meal was a hit! Stay tuned next week for the recipe for my Snicker Bar Salad.

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