Mama’s Italian Spaghetti

War Brides and a great recipe!

This Italian Spaghetti is one of the first recipes my Mama learned to cook as a new bride. Mama and Daddy began their new life together during the Korean War in Blackstone, Virginia where Daddy was an army medic. While there, Mama made a new friend, also an army bride, who was the daughter of Italian immigrants. She introduced Mama to Italian Spaghetti with meat sauce. Being a country girl from South Mississippi, Mama new nothing about Italian food but was a fan with her first bite. This is the spaghetti sauce we grew up on and my kids in turn. I’ve tried many other sauces, but none compare to this simple recipe. As an added benefit, it freezes beautifully, so you’ll always find it stocked in my freezer. But beware, this recipe will spoil your family, and they may never be satisfied with the jar variety again.

Browning your ground beef in the oven–see Karen’s tip

Removing the fat from your spaghetti–see Karen’s tip.

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