Karen’s Stuffed Eggs

A Baker’s Dozen (13) makes 24 stuffed eggs

I know what you’re thinking. “There’s something wrong with Karen’s math here.” Not at all–that’s a stuffed egg trick my sister taught me. Just READ ON!

If you’ve ever made stuffed eggs, then you know how easy it is to run out of filling before the last egg is stuffed. My sister taught me the trick to cook an extra egg adding it to the filling. Now, I never seem to run low on filling.

My recipe runs pretty true to traditional stuffed eggs with a few key exceptions.  I substitute a little horseradish mustard for some of the plain yellow mustard. I also use Famous Dave’s Spicy Pickle relish or spears (chopped) instead of regular sweet relish, and instead of the standard paprika garnish, I use Cajun seasoning for the garnish (my favorite store bought is “Slap ya Mama”)

Here’s a tip about peeling boiled eggs: Fresh eggs are harder to peel, so I try to think ahead and buy my eggs about a week before making stuffed eggs. No worries if your eggs are fresh, just allow more time for the peeling.

Now you know all my secrets for fantastic Stuffed Eggs–and just in time for Mother’s Day lunch or brunch.

Wishing all mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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