Ms. Betty’s Southern Pecan Pie Recipe

The search is over for the perfect pecan pie recipe

Ms. Betty’s Pecan Pie recipe was used for the pies Karen sold at Mississippi farmers markets in the early days of No Time to Cook.

Hint:  Browning the butter is probably the most difficult part of this recipe and you can conquer that pretty easy.  You know the butter is ready when it has a rich nutty aroma.   It’s important not to let it sit in the hot skillet at this point or it will burn.  Transfer to a stainless pan to cool, or place the bottom of the skillet in a bath of cool water .  Do not pour the hot butter into the egg and sugar mixture, as this will cause the eggs to curdle.   Browning the butter is a very important step in the recipe, so don’t skip it thinking you can just stir melted butter into the filling.

For the history and more information on this Southern Pecan Pie recipe click here.

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