Healthy Veggie Omelet

This Healthy Veggie Omelet is one of my favorite breakfasts. In fact, I’ll increase the size of the omelet and refrigerate the leftovers for a couple of quick breakfasts throughout the rest of the week.

You can play with the ingredients adding other favorite veggies such as mushrooms, jalapenos, chopped broccoli, etc. Or, change up the cheeses using Pepper Jack, Gruyere, Mexican blends, etc. You can also add breakfast meats like browned sausage, cooked bacon, ham, pulled pork, shrimp, or chorizo as well. The prep method doesn’t change–just the amount of time to cook which all depends on the size of your skillet and the thickness of your omelet.

Consider serving your omelet with Mama’s Grits. You’ll forgo the healthy side of the omelet but they sure are good and you’ll never cook breakfast grits any other way again.

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