Freezable Pimento Cheese

Freezable?! Really?!

Have you ever heard of freezable pimento cheese? Now you have. Scrap the mayonnaise and check out the substitutions in this recipe. Not only do they allow you to freeze this recipe but the taste is amazing and much better than the heavy mayo varieties.

Tried and proven

This recipe goes way back in the No Time 2 Cook archives of recipes. In our early days, we sold a pimento cheese ball that could be frozen which eventually evolved into this customer-favorite pimento cheese. And, since we are a frozen food company, it was designed for the freezer.


Our freezable pimento cheese is great for tailgating as it can be made ahead, frozen, and pulled out and thawed when needed. I will actually mix up, divide, and freeze what I will need for several tailgating events. And, I’ll have containers ready for a quick appetizer for other parties and pop up events throughout the fall and holidays.

It’s suppose to be thin

Don’t let the thin mixture fool you. After this pimento cheese chills, it firms up. I’ve made the mistake of thinking it was too thin and adding more cheese. Big mistake! Chill it and you’ll see that the consistency is perfect.

Adjusting the spice level

This recipe is slightly spicy from the cayenne pepper and hot sauce. You can adjust these up or down to your taste, but I find that when taking an appetizer to a party that less is best unless you know all your guests love the “hot stuff”. You can always take a shaker of low sodium Cajun seasoning for guests who want an extra kick.

Mixing and storing

You can use your stand mixer, but I prefer to make this in a food processor which creates a perfect texture. I keep deli containers on hand (both pint and quart) for storing.

Deli Containers

You can purchases deli containers from your favorite online store or local paper supply company (they will usually sell just a sleeve of containers so you don’t have to buy a full case). Make sure you get the heavy plastic variety that are freezer safe. These are also great for freezing soups and stews. Be sure and check out other recipes for some of my favorite freezable entrees that store great in deli containers as well.

I hope you and your family enjoy my recipe as much as we do. Check out my other delicious recipes here

No Time 2 Cook owner, Karen Kurr, is passionate about bringing families back to the dinner table. Just like the recipes she shares, No Time 2 Cook products are cooked from scratch and taste like home-made.


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