Chantilly Coconut Cake

When I think of Easter Brunch I think of an elegant Coconut Cake. I also remember my mama spending half a day in the kitchen making the cake, cooking the divinity icing, and sprinkling it with fresh grated coconut. AND, if the weather wasn’t just right, the icing would fail and she would have to start all over. That’s when my sister and I cleared out leaving plenty of room between us and Mama’s sad cake and disposition.

No need to worry about failed icing with this no hassle recipe. The cake is my pound cake and the icing is toasted coconut blended with my Chantilly Cream. (Or, if you really want easy, use Cool Whip.) You can bake it in a 9X13 pan served in squares, or spend a little more time and make a layer cake.  Just remember that this cake must be kept refrigerated.

Easter blessings to one and all!

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