Chicken Nancy

Chicken Nancy–Elegant yet simple to make

This Chicken Nancy recipe shared by a past neighbor came out of my 40 year old recipe box. It is elegant enough to serve company but ever so simple to put together. You might have to make a quick dash to the grocery but trust me–it will be worth the trip.  I used Pepperidge Farm Cornbread Stuffing in the recipe but any Pepperidge Farm Stuffing will work.

Keep the sides simple too

This dish is pretty rich so I would suggest that you serve it with a simple salad and light vinaigrette dressing and a steamed vegetable.

When your recipe is too large

If the recipe makes more than your family can eat and you don’t want leftovers, split the recipe between two casseroles. Line the second casserole dish with heavy duty aluminum foil leaving enough to wrap around the cooked casserole. Bake both casseroles. Have one for supper and freeze the second one.  Just wrap the extra foil around the casserole sealing the edges. Freeze in the casserole dish and when frozen remove the foil packet, slide into a ziploc bag or wrap in plastic wrap, label w/name, # servings, and date, and freeze. When ready to reheat, remove plastic wrap and place aluminum packet in original baking dish. Open foil wrapping and bake from frozen. As a general rule, the frozen casserole will take about twice as long to bake and heat up as the original unfrozen casserole.

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