“Better than Cracker Barrel” Cornbread Muffins

I have always been a huge fan of Cracker Barrel cornbread muffins and have been on the search for a similar recipe for many years. The first try was buying their cornbread mix from the Cracker Barrel store. Sorry–not comparable. Finally, I stumbled across a copycat Cracker Barrel recipe online and gave it a try. Close–too sweet though–but a place to begin. After tweaking and experimenting with the ingredients, I nailed it–or so I thought.

For the rest of the story…

The Kurr family has been doing a lot more eating in like most American families and we haven’t been to Cracker Barrel since February. But, because of my new muffin recipe, we’ve been enjoying “Cracker Barrel” cornbread muffins at home. Well last week, Jeff and I donned our masks and headed to our Cracker Barrel 20 miles down the road to give me a break from cooking. As always, I ordered cornbread muffins with my meal (no biscuits) and surprise! surprise! My muffins are better!

So here’s the recipe. Enjoy!

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