Apple Pie Tarts

Apple Pie Tarts and a Halloween birthday

It’s almost Halloween and time to make plans. My youngest has a birthday 6 days after Halloween and she asked to celebrate with our extended family on Halloween night at our family cabin. She also requested Apple Pie Tarts instead of a birthday cake. This will be the first time we have all been together since COVID. So, we’re working hard to plan a safe-socially-distant event so all are comfortable–including our senior family members.

Halloween bonfire/tailgate/drive-in movie/birthday night

Here’s what our evening will look like: 1) The bonfire will be ready for hotdogs and Somemores when families arrives. 2) Everyone will bring a lawn chair and their own food for the main meal–tailgating from their own vehicle. 3) We will socially distance around the fire but close enough for visiting and telling ghost stories. 4) Big screen will be hung between trees with video projector/computer loaded with black and white episodes of The Munsters, Addams Family, and the original Halloween movie. 5) We’ll serve individual Apple Pie Tarts and ice cream cups for dessert. 6) They’ll be tons of laughter, fun, and fellowship in spite of the dreaded COVID.

Hunt for the perfect Apple Pie Tart

As with most of my recipes, there’s always an element of research and online investigation and this recipe is no different. The final recipe is a combination of the best parts of multiple top rated recipes. I have my sister’s apple pie recipe with a delicious and unique filling. However, since I’m doing individual pies with a crumb topping, I needed to do some adjustment to the sugar in the filling. So, I made an educated guess and wah lah–got it right on the first try.

These Apple Pie Tarts freeze beautifully

I also wanted apple pie tarts that could be frozen since there won’t be time to make them fresh at the cabin. We’ll be busy cleaning up the grounds and building the bonfire the day before. These Apple Pie Tarts freeze beautifully and taste fresh when thawed and heated slightly in the oven before serving.

The best part!

Sampling!–So good!

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