National Seafood Month & Pasta Day & Tips on Cooking Shrimp


Crab and Mushroom Penne

October is National Seafood Month and this Saturday is National Pasta Day, a perfect time for No Time 2 Cook Crab and Mushroom Penne found in your local Kroger store. One serving with a tossed salad and a steamed veggie is well under 500 calories.  4 servings in each casserole.

Dish Idea:  Saute 12 oz. of raw, peeled, and deveined shrimp in a little butter, garlic, and Cajun Seasoning.  (Take care to not overcook.  Serve sauteed shrimp over your Penne and garnish with a little fresh shredded Parmesan, paprika, and parsley.  Delicious!!!  And, happy Seafood Month and Pasta Day!

Tip when cooking shrimp:  Shrimp are done when they curl to the shape of a “C”  If they curl to make a “O” they are overcooked.



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