Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate with products

Here’s how our gift certificate service work:

  1. Call us at 662-236-9456 or email
  2. We’ll collect your contact and payment information.
  3. Then, we create and send you a customized gift card.
  4. You present the card to the recipient.
  5. The recipient chooses their meals and places their order online using the “paid in full” discount code included on their gift certificate. (You can place the order if the recipient is unable.)
  6. We ship and send the payment receipt to you.

Perfect occasions for gifting include birthdays, holidays, bereavement, illness, surgical recovery, new mom, shut-in parents… We hope this helps you reach out and make a difference in someone’s life today.

Below is an example of a Gift Certificate. We’re also happy to custom design to your specifications.

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