Chicken Pie Customer Review

Chicken Pie Customer Review from Anna in Texas

Our Chicken Pie was one of the first casseroles designed in our early farmers market days.   The recipe came straight out of my family recipe box and has changed little as we still cook everything we do from scratch using wholesome fresh simple ingredients.  Chicken Pie continues to be a customer favorite and is available in select Kroger stores, SuperLo, and other small retail shops.  Our locator page will help you find a store near you.

Now, thanks to our new online store, many more can enjoy our Chicken Pie along with other great products such as  Chicken TetrazPoppy Seed Chicken, Seafood Gumbo and much more.

Chicken Pie Customer Review


Dear Karen,

We just had your chicken pie last night for dinner.  It was oh, so good!  Tastes just like my homemade chicken pie.  We also bought the chicken and dressing and can’t wait to try it.  Thank you for making these available. I shop Kroger all the time.  Sadly, my store didn’t have the crab and mushroom penne.  All we did was bake, and threw together a salad in bag kit.  Great dinner in little time!  We will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Anna Payne



Good day,  I found the crab and mushroom penne at Kroger on pipeline in Hurst,  Tx.  So delicious!  I wasn’t expecting the little kick of heat. loved it!  For a smaller store, I didn’t expect that location to have all your products.  They had the whole line it seemed.  Can’t wait to try the chicken/dumplings!  Thanks for making such tasty comfort food products.  Anna Payne

Thanks Anna for the great comments on our products.  We are so glad that we can make your evening meals a snap!

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