Busy Night Meals-Serve One, Freeze the Rest

Busy night meals for busy days ahead?

Busy night meals can save you time in the kitchen as well as money by avoiding the fast food line.   Double, triple, or quadruple any recipe that freezes well, and prepare when you have some extra time.  Divide into family size portions, enjoy one tonight, and put the others in the freezer.  Then, on busy nights ahead, just add a couple of easy side dishes to your entree and your meal is ready with little effort on your part.   My Old Fashioned Meatloaf recipe works great with this method.  By the way, weekends are a great time for cooking meals ahead.

The idea behind No Time 2 Cook

When my kids were little, cooking meals ahead for my family is how I kept up with our hectic pace.  With my busy night meals, I could have a home cooked dinner on the table every evening.   That’s when I began saving recipes and thinking about starting a business like No Time 2 Cook.  It is my hope that my cooked from scratch entrees such as Chicken Pie and Chicken and Dumplings can help other families with their mealtime preparations.   Just like my busy night meals, all you have to do is pop one of our entrees in the oven or microwave (the directions on the package will tell you the preferred heating method), add a couple of easy sides, and your meal is ready in a snap.

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