The Birth of No Time 2 Cook

My mealtime dilemma became a solution for many.

Often, I am asked about the birth of No Time 2 Cook, and I always say it goes back to when my kids were young. Back then, I always kept my freezer full of frozen entrees that I prepared from scratch. After cooking my recipes in large batches, I would divide and freeze them in family size portions. Some of our favorites were my gumbo, chicken and dumplings, and chicken pie. In my fridge and freezer, I also kept fresh and frozen veggies and greens. Then, everything needed was ready to pull out to add to my entrees for quick meals on busy nights.

An Idea was born

My family never liked the processed taste of frozen dinners and canned products. And, I wanted to provide well-rounded meals I made at home. With a baby on my hip and juggling after school activities, the birth of No Time 2 Cook took root. As I watched my friends struggle to find the time to prepare wholesome meals, I knew there was a business on the horizon.

The fruit of our labors

In the Spring of 2005, I had the opportunity to test my idea at a local farmer’s market and the rest is history. Today, you can find No Time 2 Cook products from my little recipe box in Kroger stores across the deep South as well as other small retail stores. Also, this fall, we opened an online store making our entire menu available across the mid and central United States. 

What’s going on with my family now?

Today, everyone’s all grown up including me. So here’s what we are doing these days. My husband, Jeff, is beginning his 26th year with Baptist Hospital as a Radiation Physicist and my oldest, Allen, graduated from Ole Miss in 2014. Growing up in the family business, helped prepare Allen for his current job as Vice President of the Oxford Lafayette Economic Development Foundation. Annaleigh, the baby on my hip, is 21 and studying Dance and Sports Medicine at a nearby university. As for me, I still oversee operations at our No Time 2 Cook plant in Oxford .

What do I love most?

I love when everybody is home and we can sit down to one of my home cooked meals around our family dinner table. I do hope you enjoy my cooking, too. And remember, whether it’s your home cooked meal or one of ours, spend time around your own family dinner table.

Wishing you rich conversation, companionship, and wholesome meals with your family, friends and loved ones.

For more information about No Time 2 Cook’s owner/founder, Karen Kurr,  click here.

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